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Venetian Plaster
Technical Info
Venetian Trowel

High quality, stainless steel finishing trowels. Rounded corners eliminate draglines. Rigid enough to be used on base coats as well. Use the small size for burnishing Venetian plaster.
(Small, Medium and Large) 
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Pool Trowel

Stainless steel finish trowel with fully rounded ends. More flexible than Venetian trowels.
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Fiberglass Trowel

Square edged fiberglass trowel. More rigid than stainless steel trowels. Use for tight finishes without burnish marks.
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Adjustable Square Versa Trowel

Adjustable stainless steel corner tool for inside corners 88° to 155°.
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Swiss Trowel

Small size bucket scoop.
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Surface Knifes

Flexible stainless steel knifes. Great for applying finish coats over rounded surfaces.
(4 piece set)
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Stainless Steel Scrapers

(5 sizes)
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200 mm Stainless Steel Scraper

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Essential for working on vertical surfaces. 12” x 12” surface to hold your Milestone mix.
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Painting Pad

Great for applying all kinds of sealers. These pads don't shed their hair the way others do.
Comes in 6" and 10" with handle or as refill.
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