This video breaks down the process of troweling Milestone into it's individual components. The angle of your trowel, the direction of movement and the movement of the trowel are all addressed. Tips on how to use a hawk are also included.
This video provides an overview of the process of installing Milestone on a plywood countertop. Featuring a colored recycled glass finish, the video gives a brief summary of all the steps from metal lath to final sealers.
This video teaches you how to create a Milestone sample board using a simple, easy to realize finish. The video features the Milestone Starter Kit, a great tool to create your own sample library or to complete a small project.
How to use your Trowel with Milestone
Milestone Countertop Summary
How to use the Milestone Starter Kit Part 1
We now have videos about the use of Milestone online. They are hosted at YouTube, in segments of up to 10 minutes. Click on the images below to access them. Scroll to the bottom of the page for written instructions.
Milestone Starter Kit Part 2
Milestone Starter Kit Part 3
Brief summary of the different steps involved in creating a Milestone shower, intended to show the scope of this kind of project.  The video was filmed using a shower model to better demonstrate the different steps involved.
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Workshop Handouts
These are our downloadable "How to" instructions on the use of Milestone. We are still working on completing some sections, so check back here from time to time for an updated version.
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