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If you are considering becoming a professional Milestone installer, you almost certainly will ask yourself some of these questions:  

Why me?
Whether you’re a professional in the plaster, cement, or general building trade, a faux artist or just a hands-on person looking for a rewarding career, Milestone may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.   

Why now?
Cement finishes have been very popular with designers and architects for years and awareness in the general public has been growing continuously. Milestone has a successful 20+ year track record of commercial and residential applications and its versatility and uniqueness make it the perfect choice for this rapidly expanding market.  

Why Milestone?
There are many different cement and plaster products in the market today. While most of them can be used for more then one kind of application none of them are as versatile as the Milestone system.
One product to do countertops over plywood, Formica, tile or high-density foam  without the need for expansion joints.
One product to do showers and tub surrounds over cement board or tile without grout lines.

One product to use on cement, tile, or wood floors with new or existing radiant  heat.

One product that can be tinted to virtually any color and that can be used in conjunction with a variety of aggregates, resulting in a unique, organic look - every time.  > Photo Gallery 
Why Artisan Finishes?
We have been the sole distributor of Milestone for almost a decade. We have been installing Milestone for many years prior to becoming the distributor.
We are always working on new applications and finishes and we share the results of our research with you.  

Why would we do that?
Because we want you to succeed.  

We will do whatever we can to support you in becoming a successful Milestone installer.
For example:
We offer > Workshops to instruct you in the different uses of Milestone.

We have instructional > DVDs of real life projects realized by Artisan Finishes.

We can help you with material estimates and the general bidding process.

We will answer your questions via email or on the phone, before, during and after your project. > Contact us!

We offer on-site consultation and hands-on help nationwide.

You can have your own web presentation on our website.
> Milestone Installers
So give us a call, sign up for a workshop, start a project.
We’ll be there for you.