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Product Sales
This section gives you all the important information on the products we sell online and in our store. Also, you'll find  workshop dates and detailed descriptions on how to use the materials yourself.

If you are a professional installer or interested in becoming one, , please visit our
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What is Milestone?                                                                          > see all Milestone products
Milestone is a cement based topical micro-coating developed by Don Miles in the early  1980s. It has been used successfully in hundreds of commercial and residential applications.

The two main components of the Milestone system are the hybridized Portland cement powder and the acrylic liquid. These can be mixed and used by themselves or in conjunction with different aggregates to achieve a variety of textures and finishes.
The liquid can be tinted to almost any color, allowing you to integrate Milestone into virtually any environment.

Since Milestone is a cement product, it does not need to be sealed at all. Unsealed Milestone will age and naturally patina. The original look can be preserved through the application of varying sealers depending on the type of installation.

Milestone can be used over many different substrates, including concrete, wood, brick, sheetrock, and cement board. With the use of our bonder, it can even be used on non-porous surfaces, such as Formica, tile and foam. As a result, Milestone installations include interior and exterior walls and ceilings, countertops, fireplace surrounds, floors, decks, patios and showers.

The Milestone look is elegant, organic and truly unique. You can find many examples in our > Photo Gallery.

What is Venetian Plaster?                                                   > see all Venetian Plaster products
Polished plaster wall finishes have been around since 900 B.C. in Egypt, but true Venetian plaster gained widespread popularity in Venice in the 1500s. Venetians wanted to replicate the elegance of marble-covered walls in mainland Italy, but solid marble was heavy and their city was built on sand and mud. The solution to this dilemma was the creation of Venetian plaster, a blended paste of aged slaked lime, ground marble and color pigment.
This durable, mold-resistant plaster created the look the Venetians desired without the weight of traditional solid marble.

As a true Venetian plaster product, containing 42% marble, RIVESTO  is simple and easy to apply. Authentic Venetian Plaster does not require sanding to obtain a shine because the marble inside shines naturally as soon as the applied product is compressed in the final burnishing process. Our Venetian plaster is pre-mixed, ready to be used and can be tinted as desired.

Artisan Finishes carries the full RIVESTO line of Venetian plasters and tools, imported from Italy.
We offer a variety of tools needed for plastering. You can find various trowels, putty knifes, scrapers and a description of their use.