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Milestone Products
Milestone Cement WHITE + GRAY
Milestone Base Coat Mix

Hybridized Portland Cement to be used with Milestone Acrylic Liquid. Use by itself or in conjunction with Milestone Base Coat Mix for different types of finishes.  
Milestone Acrylic Liquid

Acrylic admix used in conjunction with Milestone hybridized Portland cement powder. Provides far superior adhesive quality than standard water/cement mix. Use above 50° Fahrenheit, air and/or surface temperature, for proper results. If product is frozen in shipping, simply thaw at room temperature and use as directed.
Can be tinted with Milestone Color Packs.
Milestone Starter Kit

The Milestone Starter Kit contains 1 gallon of Milestone White Hybridized Cement, 2 gallon Milestone Base Coat Mix, 1 gallon Milestone Acrylic Admix, 8oz Milestone Urethane, 8oz Milestone Canuba Wax and one Milestone Sample Color Pack of your choice. Everything you need to create your first samples, practice base coats and corners or complete a small project.
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Yellow Oxide
Permanent Yellow
Medium Yellow
Red Oxide
Phalo Green
Phalo Blue
Brown Oxide
Raw Umber
Milestone Color Packs                                            > Learn more about Colors & Textures!

Milestone Color Packs for the Milestone color line and Milestone Basic Colors for custom coloring.
Clear Iridescent
Pale Amber
Emerald Green
Light Blue
Cobold Blue
Glass Aggregate

Colored recycled glass in “00” size. Used as an aggregate in Milestone cement mix. You’ll need approximately ½ lb of glass per square foot. By the pound or in 50lb bags.
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Cementic Urethane Sealer

Urethane used on decorative interior surfaces as well as some exterior surfaces. Use to seal Milestone before slurry coats. Can be tinted with colorant to stain existing Milestone surfaces.

Gallon and Quart
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Cementic Wax

This emulsified, liquid Canuba wax is the final sealer on most installations. Creates a soft, organic sheen when buffed. Can be tinted with colorant for minor color adjustments. Thin with 50% water for easy application.

Gallon and Quart
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Kelly Moore Envira-Poxy

Water based epoxy used for stain control in countertops and showers. Usually used in conjunction with other sealers. Not recommended for exterior use.

(Epoxy and Catalyst)
Glitsa Quality Seal and Ultra Max

Water based, mat sheen sealer for interior floors. Single component primer and 2-component topcoat. Originally designed for hardwood floors, it works great over a Milestone floor. Maintenance of the finished floor is similar to that of a hardwood floor.
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Use this gritted adhesive as a primer if you want to apply Milestone over a non-porous surface such as tile, Formica or high-density foam.
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Red Gard

Used as a waterproofing membrane in showers or as an elastomeric coating to control existing cracks or movement in the substrate. Use in conjunction with fiberglass mesh.
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Durock Fiberglass Mesh

(4 Inch x 150 Foot Roll)

Fiberglass mesh tape used to cover seams between sheets of cement board. Can be embedded in Milestone or Red Gard.
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Fiberglass Mesh

(4’ x 150’ Roll, and running Foot)

Used to control existing cracks or movement in the substrate. Can be embedded in Milestone or Red Gard.
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