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Milestone Installers - Washington - Sieber Interiors
his competitors. Peter’s European roots combined with his passion for everlasting finishes made him the artisan he is today. His signature hand-troweled finishes stand out due to their organic, authentic and distinctive look.
Sieber Interiors, LLC was established in 2004 with the goal of giving the customer the best service possible. After learning from some of the best artisans in town, Peter made his own dreams come true. Since then, he has worked on fireplaces, countertops, showers, floors, numerous walls and other installations in the Puget Sound's most prestigious neighborhoods ... always keeping the same goal in mind and taking it a step further on every project.

Contact: Phone: (425) 753 6249 E-mail:
About Sieber Interiors  :
Peter Nemeth has been working in the plastering industry for the last decade. Using different products and techniques, he developed his own distinguished style among