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The Milestone System may be applied over a large variety of surfaces and can be textured in virtually unlimited ways. The hybridized cement powder in combination with the acrylic liquid allows for the successful use of universal tints for coloration which results in an unheard of range of color. The addition of different aggregates, including recycled colored glass, further increases the range of possible finishes.
With the use of appropriate sealers any finish can be applied in most situations. Walls, floors, ceiling, fireplaces, counters, bathrooms, showers, indoors and outdoors... the possibilities are limitless. Take a look at our  > Photo Gallery to see many examples of truly unique, organic and one of a kind finishes.

Artisan Finishes is the premier installer of Milestone. Decades of working in the construction industry as well as the familiarity with our product give us the experience necessary to provide qualified consultation for homeowners, architects, designers and general contractors. We have developed numerous signature finishes and application techniques that have made us the most recognized name when it comes to Milestone installations.