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Learn more about Milestone, Venetian Plaster and all the other products we sell. Buy your materials online. Read the instructions on how to use Milestone, and check out upcoming workshops.

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More information on Milestone and Venetian Plaster finishes. Learn more about Artisan Finishes as an installations company and other professional installers nationwide. Take a look at private projects.

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Product Sales
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Welcome to Artisan Finishes -
                  Your source of knowledge and materials for Milestone projects - and much more.
Artisan Finishes is a Seattle based company specializing in decorative cement and plastering finishes. We are the leading installer and sole distributor of Milestone Hybridized Cement. We also sell and install Venetian Plaster products.
In addition to doing installations, Artisan Finishes is committed to providing professionals and laymen who want to use Milestone with valuable technical advice and instructions through workshops, DVDs and individual consultation. We offer guidance and help to architects, designers, homeowners and craftsmen for all kinds of projects, commercial as well as residential.